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  • Kiteboarding in Brasil with WindyAddiction.com

    Kiteboarding in Brasil with WindyAddiction.com

    Brasil is now the fastest growing destination for kiteboarders around the world.  With wind that starts in July and ending in late February, there isnt anywhere else in the world like it. You want 20+ knots? Once here you will bask in Brasilian hospitality, experience dialects of Portuguese found only here, taste amazing culinary cuisines, feel warm sandy beaches beneath your feet, kitesurf waves or kiteboard flat water lagoons and rivers,  and of course…meet beautiful women. Come fall in love […]

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  • South Padre Island, Texas

    South Padre Island, Texas

    I wanted to share a post about our recent kiteboarding sessions here on South Padre Island, Texas. The spring kite boarding season has been really providing some great winds and weather, enabling us to get out and do what we enjoy most. For those of you who have never visited, South Padre is a fantastic kite spot located in southern Texas on the Gulf of Mexico. Among the top destinations in the United States include South Padre Island, Hawaii, The […]

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  • Epic Snowkiting Video

    Epic Snowkiting Video

    This is an old classic snowkiting video with Claes Lundin. This video is one of its kind, great editing, awesome music, beautiful scenes… been watching this video 100 times by now! Hope you like it too!

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  • Sessions with Susi Maui

    Sessions with Susi Maui

    Cabrinhas Team Rider Susi Mai also known as Susa Maui or Susanne Mai is out with a new video. As always a pleasure to view this hot girl, not only when she is kitesurfing but in person as well =)

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  • King Of Water Sports

    King Of Water Sports

    I used to buy my kite gear in the local water sport shops in my city, I live in Sweden btw. It´s handy to have a local store where you live, but seldom the cheapest option…  I run a kite school so I buy lots of gear and it quickly sums up to big amounts. Last year I was looking for some ladies wetsuits and couldn’t find anything good in my local store, only ugly models in odd sizes to […]

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  • A tribute to kiteblog.se

    A tribute to kiteblog.se

    A cool swedish guy called Andreas Björkroth is currently in the Western Australia to chill and progress in his kitesurfing. He has a nice blog kiteblog.se full of great photos and cool videos. Here are some of his pictures.

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  • KONY 2012

    KONY 2012

    A great video well worth watching while you wait for the wind to come =)

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  • Waiting for the wind at Boracay

    Waiting for the wind at Boracay

    Waiting for the wind, isn’t that what most kitesurfers do??

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  • Gusty Kiteschool

    Gusty Kiteschool

    What is Gusty Kiteschool? A school where you learn how to handle gusty wind? No, it´s a small kite school located in the southern part of Sweden. Gusty helds kitesurfing courses at one of the absolutely best spots in Sweden, it´s called Habo Ljung. The kite spot in Habo Ljung is knows for its shallow water, soft sand bottom and with plenty of space for launching and rigging, simply perfect for beginners as well as pro riders. A 200 meter […]

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  • Maui Hawaii

    Maui Hawaii

    Hey, here is my first post, just testing :)  

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