About Kitesurfing Kite

Have you been kiting for a while and been thinking of launching a blog where you can post pictures and videos from your last session, or maybe just write about that epic kite session you had in the sunset? Well, who hasn’t? Problem is just that launching a blog is a time consuming thing, especially if your webdesigning skills are poor. Besides barely no one will read your blog except your friends and family, so it´s close at hand to close the project and your kite blog continues to be nothing more than an idea that never comes true.

What about if you instantly could get a username and password to a kiteblog and start posting your stuff? And what about if you shared this blog with other kiters, so that people actually read your stuff and watch your photos and videos? Suddenly your kite blog project pretty much already is up and running!

I wanna start blogging on kitesurfingkite.com!

That´s great! All you have to do is to shoot me an e-mail with a desired username and password. And please write something about your kite background, just to assure me that you are not just another spammer :)